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DCOOP is the largest producer of Olive Oil and Table Olives in the world

DCOOP is a big family of 75,000 farmers working together in 111 cooperatives of Olive Oil, and 25 coops of table Olives.  Offering includes a yearly average production of 250.000 tons of Olive Oil (10% of worldwide production) and 85.000 tons of Olives  


Portfolio includes - OLIVE OIL, OLIVES and CAPERS 

- Selling into Retail, Food Service, and Bulk 

- 12 Distribution locations throughout the U.S. 

- Flexibility to label products with either Acorsa Brand or Private Label 



Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes directly from the producers, through four bottling plants, our own refinery into leading retailers and foodservice suppliers

Foodservice Sizes: 

- 6/3 lt. PET 

- 4/GAL. TIN 

Retail Sizes:

- 12/250 ml. 

- 12/500 ml. 

- 12/750 ml. 

- 12/1 lt. 

- 6/2 lt. PET 

*Available in Branded and Private Label 



One of the largest selections of green and black olives in a variety of sizes and packaging - tin, glass, and PET - for both retail and foodservice  

Green Olives: 

Stuffed Pimiento / Pitted / Queens 

Foodservice Sizes:

- 4/GAL glass 

Retail Sizes:

- 12/5.75 oz. bucket

- 12/7 oz.

- 12/10 oz.

- 12/14 oz.

- 12/21 oz.

Black Olives

Pitted / Sliced

Foodservice Sizes:

- 6/A10 

- 10/33 oz. plastic pouches 

Retail Sizes:

- 12/14 oz. 

*Available in Branded and Private Label 



Our portfolio of Capers includes four distinct varieties -  Non Pareilles, Surfines, Capucines and Capotes 

Foodservice &  Retail Size:

6/32 oz.

*Available in Branded and Private Label 

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