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Spaniards have enjoyed magdalenas for  breakfast or merienda (afternoon snack) for centuries. 

These individually packaged treats can be eaten at any time of day and are typically paired with a cafe con leche. 


La Dama: “The Lady” in Spanish. An homage to all the women in our lives that have passed down traditional recipes through generations like precious heirlooms 

Delicatessen: Rooted in the Latin adjective delicatus, meaning "giving pleasure” 

Timeless Quality of Tradition

La Dama’s heritage represents a revival of authentic old-world European baked products for U.S. customers seeking quality and better-for-you snacking and indulgent alternatives


Since 1948 we’ve been baking products based on traditional Spanish craftsmanship. Innovation, as it pertains to manufacturing, helps us achieve global scale, but our tenets are rooted on simplicity and consistency 


Our traditional offering is designed for consumers seeking the quality ingredients found in European baked goods, while having authentic flavor profiles that foster a sense of connectivity that transcend time 

*Private Label Opportunities Available

Magdalenas Flavor Selection


Natural Flavor

124 Calories / 6g of Total Fat /

7g of Total Sugar


Chocolate Filling

156 Calories / 9g of Total Fat / 

18g of Total Sugar 


Lemon Flavoring

124 Calories / 6g of Total Fat /

7g of Total Sugar

Spanish Brownies



119 Calories / 6g of Total Fat / 12g of Total Sugar

The Classic Taste of Spanish Heritage


The art of centuries-long traditional Spanish baking is perfectly encapsulated in the light and fluffy traditional magdalena

Medium - 10 per container (300gr)

Maxi - 20 per container (600gr)

A Speck of Sunshine in Every Bite


The lite sweetness of the lemon magdalena can brighten any morning and transform the definition of a pick-me-up afternoon snack

Medium - 10 per container (300gr)

Maxi - 20 per container (600gr)

That Smooth Chocolate Filling


In 1502, Spain made the ultimate upgrade to the ancient cacao recipe found in the new world by adding sugar to chocolate. Discover the rich taste of centuries of chocolate history tucked in every bite

Medium - 10 per container (400gr)

Maxi - 20 per container (800gr)

The Ultimate Chocolate Delight


Unlike any brownie you've ever tried. The Spanish take pride in a centuries-long love affair with chocolate. This moist and decadent morsel of perfection will leave you questioning your loyalties to any other brand

Small - 8 per container (200gr)

Medium - 20 per container (375gr) 

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